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Sister of Hao Wu challenges authorities over arrest of blogger

(Mar. 26, 2006)
Reporters Without Borders has condemned as illegal, even under Chinese law, the continued imprisonment of blogger and documentary maker Hao Wu.

His sister, Na Wu, told the press freedom organisation that, more than one month after his arrest, the authorities still refuse to tell her what charges her brother faces.

She said, "We have only spoken to him on the phone three times. And each time, it has been he who has called, because we still do not know where he is being held. During these conversations, he tells us that everything is OK and we must not worry. He even said that he didn't want a lawyer. But it was obvious that he could not speak freely. I went to the police station several times. They refused to give me a paper confirming the arrest of my brother. The first time they told me that he would be coming out within a few days. The second time, it was a few weeks. And now they tell me that I will have to wait another month. We have the right to know what is happening to him. He has done nothing that could harm society and there is no reason for him to be detained."

Na Wu, who like her brother has lived for several years in the United States, said the family had managed to find two lawyers to defend him.

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