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Guo Feixiong's Life is in Danger

(Sept. 26, 2005)Four villagers are released on Sept. 25, they saw Mr. Guo Feixiong in jail. It is warm season in Guandong, but they saw Guo was covered by woolen blanket. Reporter for "internal news" also saw this, and reporter saw "Guo was on a wheel chair and eys closed".

It said that Guo had been on hunger strike, thus his life may be in danger. (boxun.com)

Mr. Guo was arrested on Sept. 12 because he sent the progress of Taishi Village's protest. He was charged "sending news to overseas" - a crime is rarely quoted now, but very common during culture revolution.

Mr. Guo's sister is deeply concerned with Guo's situation.

Other media has reported that Taishi's event has caught attention from central government. It said that Central Government is facing a difficult decision. It might be another dream to think Central Government will make a decision favorable to justice/villagers, because it said that the order to arrest Mr. Guo was from "top".

9月25日太石村有四位村民释放, 其中有两位两天前在狱中见过郭飞雄. 大热天郭飞雄全身被毛毯包裹,村民猜测郭飞雄一直在绝食绝水,可能生命垂危!请各界人士紧急关注郭飞雄的人身自由和生命安全!!! (boxun.com)

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