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Grass Root Election?
China government has claimed that is has Grass Root Election in its villages for many years. Former President of USA Ford and many others have applauded this "progress" in China. What is the truth? The story of Shengyou has shown the world that the leaders of this village are corrupted, how could villagers elect their "enemy" as their leader?

The story of Taishi Village is still going on, which is telling that there is NO Grass Root election in China, it is nothing but cosmetic process that is directed by government. The so-called elected are just those hand-picked by local government.

Villagers started to gather in Taishi Village (a village in Guangdong Province) to protest against the corruption since August. They requested to audit the accounting book. Their request was ignored by government. Villagers in hunger strike were arrested, then second group started the strike. They surrounded the office to protect the accounting books – hopefully the evidence of corruption can be found.

Villagers were on hunger strike outside the village office

The angered villagers insisted to protest peacefully,they signed names to deny the leaders of the village. The law allows a village to change leadership if certain % of villagers wants to do so. Villagers successfully got enough people to make the changing leadership valid.

Villagers signed the appeal for changing leaders (Sept. 7)

On Sept. 13, Government sent hundreds of police and removed the accounting books by using force.

Hundreds of police were sent to this village

On Sept. 15, the government announced the protest as "illegal". About 20 villagers were still in jail by Sept. 15th.

The villagers successfully elected seven new leaders - none of them is favored by government. But local officials said this election was controlled by "people in foreign country".

Boxun's volunteer reporter – Cai Chu has been releasing dozens of news from Taishi Village, Mr. Cai's one main contact in China is Guo Feixiong. Mr. Guo disappeared after Sept. 13th.

On Sept 19th, Feiyu said that he was nearly arrested after he returned to where he lived. Neighbors told him that a few police with a handcuffed and shackled man came to his place and searched his room, they left with his computers and other office equipments. Feiyu believed the handcuffed person is Liang Shusheng.

Villagers' request is minimum – just audit the accounting book and fix the corruption. But the price is so high, dozens of people have been arrested.

The incidence in Taishi gives a lesson to those politicians who applauded China's Grass Root Election.

Now you should ask again, why Grass Root Election in China? China government denied free election for the reason "Chinese people do not have enough education, and is not developed well, thus not ready for election". All know that the rural area has lowest level of education, why China starts election in village level?

Huge losses of war can be tracked to the wrong decisions by politicians at the beginning, not the beginning of the war, but when civilized world compromised to evil regimes in order to trade for something. In modern history, no exception! WWII, Korea War, Vietnam War, and more recent wars. Applaud and compromise will not solve any problem, the cancer cell will not be gone by itself, it will become larger and larger. If the globe is united as one, then the globe may be destroyed by the coward and stupid politicians.

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