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I would like to died for freedom and justice

(July 27, 2005)By Guoting Guo

Thomas Guo's speech on the Searching Justice conference in Vancouver on July 17, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen, good afternoon! (boxun.com)

It is my great honour to obtain this award, thanks a lot for all of you. I still want to speak a few words, to occupy 5 minutes. First of all, I would like to thank everyone here for searching justice. Justice is so important in the world I think, so everyone here must be the top human beings in the world. secondly, I would like to thank friends all over the world, just because supported and appealed by so many friends in the world so I regain my freedom, Now I am a freeman not only in body but also in the mind and soul. Thirdly I would like to show my appreciation to Canada Lawyer's Watch organization, and especially Mr. David Kilgour,M.P. and Mr. Clive Ansley help….

Why whole China lawyer association and Shanghai lawyer association from the very beginning until now, just keep silence not only speak nothing about the lawyer's unfair treatment by authority, but also forbidden Chinese lawyer's net to report any news about it . they didn't deliver any news as to what has happened. Actually, most Lawyers in China support what I have done and said especially after February. Shanghai there are more than 5600 lawyers but only one lawyer call me "what can I do for you, please let me know". But the next day, a security policeman visited her.in China there are 120000.lawyers but only ten Beijing lawyer appeal for me openly.it don't mean that I have so poor relationship with lawyers but show what true situation of lawyers in China. In fact, Many lawyers support me but this time they are not speaking even a single word. This situation is really terrible.

What I have to state that in the one hand I feel great honored to come here and receive this special award. This is in my life the first time I received such kind of award, but before I only receive the professional awards. For I used to be a maritime lawyer practice more than 18years, finally I change my business only two years ago, instead of being a maritime lawyer, I become a human right lawyer.

New York time describe me as "accident activist lawyer". In fact, When I was a university student, and during that time, after thinking, and learning, I have got my own political opinion. I was against Communism openly even that time. criticized Mao Zedong openly, So, the authority in the university sent me to mental hospital for twenty-one days! however, and again, for criticized so call people' s democracy dictatorship in lover letter, I was betray by my girl friend.then was disbarred for one years in 1988. In order to avoid political, I focus on maritime and international trade as well as marine insurance law. So I became a maritime lawyer. three years ago, I open my own law firm in Shanghai, named Tian-yee Law firm. During that time, I don't know how to use computer and internet and just asked my secretary do it everything.

Since I learn how to use internet, I got a lot of information from Internet. So I know what is happening in the world, and what is happening in our country. I learn several young men and girls just for their cyber write were arrested detained and putted into prison.which I firmly against. For I think the freedom of thought freedom of expression and freedom of believe are the basic foundation of any country's civilization. So I offer myself to be the defense lawyer for them but until I become Mr.Zheng Enchong's defense lawyer, I really become a China Human Right lawyer ever since. because now I speak English here so I can’t express my self exactly and clearly. Actually I always be a trial lawyer, despite there are a lot of trial lawyer in China, but from maritime commercial lawyer ,no risk and easy earn enough money become a human right lawyer ,much more danger and make little money is really quite rare. For judicial justice and fair trial, urge judicial fairness, to be human right lawyer can be much important than maritime lawyer .in China the court, prosecutor and common secrete all are under CCP's sole control, how can one imagine there are so call justice? the court under one party dictatorship could not able to have any fair tribunal therefore there is no rule of law in China at all up to date.

20 years ago, when I was a young lawyer. I always win the cases. Because I am so-called scholarly lawyer whenever I have a case, I do legal research very detail, and cared every information, every proof and evidence. So I do, my work is so quite good and excellent I think. So a lot of judge praise with me. many judgers just told my clients, how lucky you are find a excellent lawyer, even if when I was a young lawyer, they said that.

But now my case go to the court, one by one lose, not because my ability is low down. No, my ability is growing up.just because the judge have no independent trial right, but Government's idea, or even the general secretary's idea, maybe Jiang Zemin's. So, especially in secret trial . And in this way, I know if I want to defense my client’s lawful right, I have to borrow media to deliver any truth of cases, discuss the legal matter and fact openly and used a true name Guo Guoting in Chinese, and I always use another name as "Thomas G. Guo", to publish my essay and defense statement, to use true name I will take responsibility for what I said and what I done.

Have Practicing 20 years , I have a ruler for my soul, or a principle in my soul, never afraid of death is the first principle. The second principle is that I don't love money. Of course I know life is so wonderful, friendship and love is so sweet, sunshine is so comfortable, forest grassland and sea is so fresh and lively, how can I don't care of life?. What I say I don't afraid to death mean that died for freedom and died for justice is my great honour. What I said I don't care about money, don't mean I refuse it. Money is so lovely so many powerful man for it even don't care their life, how can I don't care for it? What I mean is that gentleman earn money through their head and wisdom as well as hard working. but never for money sold out my dignity and do any evil and criminal act, not said to cooperate with evil powerful man. If one do not afraid of died, do not care of money , then of course he afraid of nothing. This is why I dare deal with the most sensitive political cases and Falun Gong's cases to choose the most danger road. Only in this manner, one can never surrender to power, don't afraid of difficulty, but obey the truth.

Yes, to speak it honestly, I also want to make money. it is true. I know what I mean is that I never surrender my principle to earn money. To say openly, what I think and what I say in China,I think it is because even 20 years ago, I know my mission. if I told my long story it at least need three days and nights. But here for the time is limited I would like to use one sentence to end my speech today. what I want to state is that freedom, democracy, human rights, rule of Law, constitution and justice in China and the world all human being should struggle for and support with each other again Thank all of you. _(博讯记者:牛虻) (boxun.com)

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