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(博讯北京时间2008年4月27日 转载)

    [日期:2008-04-27] 来源:参与 作者:曾金燕等 [字体:大 中 小]
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    Release Hu Jia Online Petition Campaign - 立即釋放維權人士胡佳簽名運動
    Hu Jia is a human rights activist who has been concerned with social affairs, AIDS, environmental issues and defence of the weakest groups in society. Before his arrest by the Public Security Bureau at the end of Dec 2007, he had been under house arrest for a long time. Before he finally lost complete freedom he had been kidnapped, detained for a short period and physically tortured by the police in China. Hu, however, did not bow to these brutalities; instead, he overcame all obstacles and succeeded in disseminating details of human rights abuses within China to the outside world.
    Hu Jia was convicted of “inciting subversion of state power” by the Beijing No 1 People’s Intermediate Court on April 3, 2008, for voluntarily accepting two foreign media interviews and publishing five articles from 2001 to 2007 on Boxun, a banned Chinese-language website based in the United States . This is one of the worst cases of anyone being jailed for what he had written in China. His conviction and imprisonment drew a lot of attention and criticisms abroad. The Beijing Municipal Detention Centre denied Hu his right to meet with his lawyer to lodge an appeal against his jail sentence right to the very end of his period of appeal.
    The Hong Kong Journalists Association and International Federation of Journalists have been outraged by the verdict and are launching this signature campaign for justice. We hope that the Central Government of China understands our anger and will release Hu Jia as soon as possible. We will present these signatures to the authorities in China on 12th May, 2008 which marks the birth of Buddha.
    Hu, 34, is applying for a medical parole after he lost his rights to appeal his sentence . Hu has been suffering from cirrhosis of the liver for years. His wife, Zeng Jinyan, has also been under house arrest for years and gave birth to a baby girl a few months ago.
    In 2007 Hu and his wife were awarded a special “China” prize by Reporters Without Borders—Fondation de France. Hu was commended by one of the panelists as an exemplary fighter for freedom of expression in China through peaceful methods.
    The declaration
    We, as individuals and as a group, fully endorse and unreservedly uphold freedom of expression. We are, therefore, angered by the utter disdain of the authorities for the human rights of activist Hu Jia who was sentenced to three and a half years' jail and one year’s denial of political rights on questionable charges of “inciting subversion of state power” by the Beijing No 1 People’s Intermediate Court on April 3, 2008 for writing five articles and voluntarily agreeing to two interviews by the media.
    We believe this is an instance of punishing a man merely for his words. This case not only violates the constitution of China which enshrines citizens' right to freedom of expression, but also breaches international protocols to which China is a signatory and which clearly state that freedom of expression is a basic human right .
    We demand that the Central Government of China release Hu Jia forthwith.
    發起組織 Organizers: Hong Kong Journalists Association, International Federation of Journalists 香港記者協會,國際記者聯會
    聯絡電話 Contact Number︰(852) 25910692
    聯絡電郵 Email Address[email protected] / [email protected]
    聯署人士 (截至2008年4月27日上午11点共437簽署 / 437 signatures in total)
    俞若玫, 香港Comment:
    佛日山普济功德会, 广东Comment: 三宝慈悲诸佛慈悲!随喜胡佳代 众生受难!随喜众生的呼吁的勇气!妙觉慈智合什
    余少甫, 香港Comment: 希望內地政府早日撤銷胡佳「莫須有」的控罪,讓他可以早日與家人團聚!堂堂一個政府,竟然採取百多年前封建時代的「文字獄」手法,整治自己的人民,實在沒有進步!
    潘小濤, 香港Comment:
    潘天賜, 香港Comment: 在我們的社會裏,胡佳無罪。
    潘麗瓊(港台自由風自由phone主持), HK Comment: 支持自由表達的權利,立刻釋放胡佳!
    何慧瑩, hong kong Comment: 中國要現代化,要與世界接軌,還需要更大的勇氣,更大的包容量,才是實在的做法。
    何宗勳, 台灣Comment:
    何秀蘭, 香港Comment:
    中国社会民主党澳洲党部, Australia Comment: 强烈要求中共当局无罪释放维权人士胡佳! 丁小, hong kong Comment:
    沈偉男, 香港Comment:
    沈阳, 江苏Comment: 无条件释放胡佳先生,促进国家民主法治化。
    民間人權陣線Civil Human Rights Front, Hong Kong Comment: 同一世界,同一夢想,還政於民,改善民生,釋放胡佳!
    毛国良, 中国浙江Comment: 立即釋放維權勇士胡佳
    武宜三, 香港五七學社Comment: 中共當局不要繼續造孽了,靠暴力和謊言能永保你們的政權嗎?
    歐陽達初, 香港Comment:
    欧迪龙, Thailand Comment:
    楊奕生, Hong Kong Comment:
    楊長鎮, 台灣Comment: 我支持胡佳的言論自由權,我也尊敬胡佳對中國人權的努力付出。我建議聲援團體一起支持胡家透過中國司法體制上訴到底。當中國法院以逾時的理由駁回胡家之上訴時,我建議應該以相關單位干擾胡佳上訴之可能性為由,一方面要求繼續上訴,一方面以政府為被告。透過司法抗爭運動突顯中國人權問題。
    楊錫聰, 香港Comment:
    梁俊彥, 香港Comment: 立即放人, 打壓維權分子才是真正分裂祖國的行為
    梁文道, 香港Comment:
    查錫我/公民黨, Hong Kong SAR Comment: I cannot see what crime has Mr. HU Jia committed. He has just said something according to his conscience that every man should do. This is a typical case of political persecution by an authoritarian government whose powers are not restricted although the sources of which come from the people but are not for the people. I urge the Communists Party to really do some reflections on what they have done. No matter how much National reserve we have and how strong our arm forces are, China has still not modernized if freedom of expression and association is not protected and safeguarded. Stephen Char
    林潔紅, 香港Comment:
    林斌, Australia Comment: 呼籲中國政府釋放政治犯,不再以言入罪。
    林強, 香港Comment:
    林子斌, Hong Kong Comment:
    林嘉強, 香港Comment:
    林苑鶯, 香港Comment:
    杜金臣, hk Comment: 支持!
    李仰桓, 台灣Comment: 立即釋放胡佳及其他政治犯/良心犯
    李月華, Hong Kong Comment:
    李智良, 香港Comment:
    李士傑, 台灣 Comment: 國家是一個合法地擁有暴力的組織,其執法的基礎來自於人民。任何人都應該有在非急難的時刻,自由表達言論的權利。表達言論自由權利的剝奪,應在於立即而明顯的危險,而非抽象與特定階級、組織利益的違背。
    李銳華, New Jersey, USA
    Comment: 《胡佳被判刑,你會「橙色」北京奧運嗎?》http://leeyuiwah.blogspot.com/2008/04/blog-post_5379.html 作為中國人的我好矛盾 ... 好想國家成功辦好奧運,但面對不公義的事又不能視若無睹。 胡佳的罪名是寫了五篇文章,接受了兩次訪問。這樣都可以說成是「顛覆國家政權」!我們的國家政權真的如此不堪批評嗎? 見曾金燕(胡佳妻子)的《请你告诉我:判决公正吗? 》 http://leeyuiwah.blogspot.com/2008/04/blog-post_06.html 橙色運動也許是一個好的折衷辦法。大家去參與、支持奧運 ---- 但帶著良心去,而不是昧著良心去。 北京奧運橙色運動:《支持橙色運動,支持中國人權!》 http://www.alliance.org.hk/publish/hkanews/?p=138 "The Color Orange Project for Beijing Olympics" http://www.thecolororange.net/uk/ 延伸閱讀: 《何谓“煽动颠覆国家政权”?》 http://www.reportweek.com/2007/08/blog-post_5022.html
    李金鳳, 香港記者協會 Comment:
    李竹然, Beijing Comment: 我所居住的地方离bobo自由城不到5公里。06年开始关注胡佳金燕夫妇,难以置信在我们身边竟然有人正在遭受那般黑暗的“礼遇”,而原因只是仗义执言。理想国度何在?自由之城到底离我们多远?言必称法而行必枉法者,可有法而法之?
    李 冬, New Zealand Comment: 胡佳因文罹难,五篇文章、两次采访,都是公开的公民行为,竟换来三年半牢狱生涯。这是什么时代?这是什么样的政权?强烈要求立即无罪释放胡佳!
    朱漢強, Hong Kong Comment:
    朱凱迪, 香港Comment:
    易平渊, 巴西Comment: 强列要求中国共贪党释放胡佳,立即停止以因言获罪对人民的迫害。
    施逸翔, Taiwan Comment: Long Live International Solidarity
    方富潤, 香港Comment: 不放胡佳,罷看奧運﹗
    張三一言, 香港Comment: 胡佳是我最敬重的朋友. 全力支持香港記者協會,國際記者聯會簽名信所表達的內容
    張志杰, 台灣Comment:
    張銳輝, Hong Kong Comment:
    張炳玲/前記協主席, Hong Kong Comment:
    张涛, China/BeiJing Comment:
    师北宸, 湖南省郴州市桂东县 Comment: 不知道胡佳被关在哪里?可以去探视吗?
    崔麗容, HK Comment:
    季禮聲, Hong Kong Comment:
    孙岳, PR China Comment: 保护言论自由,支持维权活动。言论自由是中国宪法赋予公民的基本权利,“颠覆国家政权”根本就是莫须有的罪名。请中国政府不要颠倒是非,立即释放胡佳并保证维权人士能够不受干涉地进行合法的维权活动!
    孔伟良, 新西兰 Comment: 希望中国政府不要再迫害,尽快让胡佳先生自由
    孔繁强, 中国 / 香港Comment:
    大地之主, 中国 Comment: 停止打压维权人士!释放胡佳!
    声秀号子, 法国Comment: 对胡佳的判决是执法部门执法犯法的具体表现!胡佳只是行使了中国法律给予人民的言论自由和出版自由的权利而已,又何罪之有?为什么执法部门可以知法犯法而人民就要守法现时获罪呢?
    基督徒關懷香港學會, Hong Kong Comment:
    周澄/中大學生會, 香港Comment: 立即釋放胡佳及楊春林!
    周淑芬, HKSAR Comment:
    周思中, 香港 Comment:
    周子恩@三師會, HK Comment: 為什麼我們先進的偉大祖國,還要讓這些封建吃人舊制度復辟? 如果胡佳真的說謊,或者心懷不軌,擁有雪亮眼睛的百姓一定會嗤之以鼻。何況胡氏不過一介書生,無權無勢,各位官老爺到底又何懼之有呢? 一念之間,再次給人口實貽人話柄(見下圖),試問心繫家國的香港人應該如何自處呢? http://www.xanga.com/tommyjonk/650371003/item.html
    呂書練, 香港Comment: 大國崛起,但要有崛起的大國風範。
    吳崇德, Taipei, Taiwan Comment: Good job!
    吳國明, Hong Kong Comment:
    吳偉明, 香港Comment:
    吳鎮桂/亞洲視覺, 香港Comment: 國內政治很復雜,但願胡佳早日出獄.
    吳若瑩, 台北Comment:
    吕柏林, 奥克兰Comment: 刑罚胡佳,就是刑罚每个中华人民共和国公民。 中华人民共和国没有公民,只有罪犯,只有打倒中华人民共和国,罪犯才能成为中国公民。
    吕易,赵东明,李娟/澳洲, Australia Comment: 胡佳无罪,胡佳是中国人的脊梁,胡佳是中国艾滋病人的益友,胡佳是衡量中国社会有无公义良知的一面镜子。强烈要求中共当局无罪释放维权人士胡佳!
    各地營救王炳章大聯盟, 各地Comment:
    古莉, 法国Comment: 呼吁释放胡佳,还给他全家自由。此举将可改善一些北京当局和中国的形象。
    南方民主同盟, 香港Comment: 中共不要騷擾胡佳的親人!
    區佩芬, China/HK Comment: 無條件釋放胡佳
    區錦新, 澳門Comment: 呼籲中共停止政治逼害,釋放所有政治犯,良心犯,異見人士,切實尊重人權,促進社會和諧。 
    劉文欽, HK Comment:
    劉 泰, 香港Comment:
    刘水 诗人 前记者 自由作家, 中国大陆Comment: 捍卫宪法尊严,言论自由是宪法权利,胡佳无罪。
    刘进杰, 河南省许昌县 Comment: 要求释放维权人士胡佳,要求开放党报禁,结束黑暗暴政 冯正虎, 上海Comment: 胡佳是一位虔诚的佛教徒,是一个把苦难留给自己,把爱献给别人的善者。胡佳没有“苟利国家生死以,岂因祸福避趋之”的 誓言,每天却有这样的奉献,直至平静地接受不公正的审判,这就是胡佳的荣耀。我与他的妻子、孩子、父母以及所有的朋友都期盼他健康地早日回家。
    傅正明, 瑞典Comment:
    Zola Zhou, 湖南長沙地區Comment: 我想知道胡佳的下落。
    Zhang Zhiyong, China/Beijing Comment: I will always uphold human rights.
    Yvonne Liu, Hong Kong Comment:
    Yuk Ann Li, USA, New Jersey Comment:
    Yuen Che Hung, Hong Kong Comment:
    Yuen Chan, Thailand Comment:
    Yue Hung, Canada Comment:
    Yip Po Lam, Hong Kong Comment:
    Yip Kwok Wai, Hong Kong Comment:
    Yi-hsiang Shih, Taiwan Comment:
    Yan KWOK, Hong Kong Comment:
    World Press Freedom Committee, United States Comment: We believe Chinese governmen's repression of freedom of the press, freedom of expression and freedom of association (all guaranteed in the Chinese constitution) to be reprehensible and totally unacceptable. Reread and put into practice Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    woo ka lai, hong kong Comment:
    wonghinyan, hong kong Comment: release all of them
    wong hon pong, hong kong Comment:
    wmr, Beijing Comment: 支持胡佳,强烈要求释放。
    Winnie U, Macau, China Comment:
    Winnie Ng, HK, SAR of China Comment:
    winna, 中国内地Comment: 温总理似乎曾经说过,在我国某一年没有一例因言获罪的案例,我希望事实如此,希望每个人都有自由表达的权利
    Wing Yu, Hong Kong Comment: When will the Chinese gouvernment make corrections for their mistakes? When will the Chinese gouvernment stop torturing people who is hoping for a better world? When will the Chinese gouvernment understand the people who work hard for a better future in China? Why did they not learn a lesson from the painful Tiananmen Square Massacre? The questions go on.......and on..........
    WING YICK, HK Comment:
    Willy Lam, Hong Kong Comment: Release Hu Jia immediately; and stop harassing him and his family afterwards
    Wei ling, New York of U.S.A Comment:
    Wei Ling, China BeiJing Comment:
    Wanling Wang, Taiwan Comment: Please show more respect to freedom of speech
    Wan Kit Ying, Hong Kong Comment:
    Wallace Chan, Canada Comment: While the government may not agree with Mr. Hu's opinions, Hu's freedom of expression should be considered and respected.
    walker, hong kong Comment:
    Wai Chan, Hong Kong Comment:
    vlovemony, Hong Kong Comment: 胡佳沒罪 ! Support Hu Jia !
    Vivian To, HKSAR Comment: I support freedom of speech and the right to fair trial.
    Vinchi Chak, Hong Kong Comment: 釋放胡佳
    Victor Leung, HongKong Comment:
    Venus Hui, Hong Kong Comment:
    V Yip, Hong Kong Comment:
    Una So, Hong Kong Comment:
    Tsui Sing Yan Eric, Hong Kong Comment:
    Tsui Kai Cheong, Hong Kong Comment:
    TSANG, Chi-Keung, Canada/Ontario Comment: Please walk your talk and do not even violate the constitution of China which enshrines citizens' right to freedom of expression. Please learn to agree to disagree.
    tracy wong, hong kong Comment:
    TOO Kin Wai, Hong Kong Comment:
    tonyhopk, Hong Kong Comment: One dream one world
    Tony, Macau Comment:
    Tollemer Yan, France Comment: Release Hu jia
    Toby Fung, Hong Kong Comment:
    To Ling Chu, Hong Kong Comment:
    timmy lau, macau Comment: Do Chinese citizen can only be treated as ants and animals in front of the China Governor ?? Does the Government really love his people ?
    Tim Hamlett, hong kong Comment:
    Tian xi, Sweden Comment: 呼吁中共当局无条件释放胡佳.
    Thomas chan, HONG KONG Comment: 立即釋放胡佳,中國政府接受傳媒監察,停止以言入罪,停止利用司法進行行政控制
    terry narcissan, hong kong Comment:
    Taron, Hong Kong Comment:
    Tang Kwai Sim, Hong Kong Comment:
    Steve Marquardt, USA Comment:
    steve chui, hong kong Comment: The PRC Government should release Hu Jia immediately if she wants to prove to the whole world that human rights and justice do exist in the Mainland and that the rule of law is vital to her development
    Stephenie Ng, Hong Kong
    Comment: Stephanie, United States
    Comment: stephania ling, hong kong
    Stan Lai, Hong Kong
    Comment: Release him! Sophie Chui, Hong Kong
    Comment: Sonia Randhawa, Malaysia
    Comment: Freedom of expression is vital for accountability, for the healthy growth of a nation and for the well-being of the average citizen.
    Simon So, HK Comment:
    Si-si Liu, Hong Kong Comment:
    shirley.w, hk Comment:
    Sheila McNamara, UK Comment:
    Sergi Vicente/Television of Catalonia (Spain), China/Beijing correspondent Comment: Chinese government should show the world that it is confident, that is prepared for criticism from both outside and inside, to show that this is a modern society. People like Hu Jia just want to improve things and in a modern country he should have the right space to talk freely.
    Scarlett, HK Comment:
    SC Leung (IT Voice), Hong Kong Comment:
    Sam, United States Comment: STOP PUTTING RESTRICTIONS HUMANITARIANISM CHINA! You have no right to do that! Do and say what you want about the Olympics, but stop treating your people like dirt! You people are the power of your nation, and you are just asking for a revolt!
    S W Chu, Hong Kong Comment: China - Are you ready for PEACE & FREEDOM?
    Ruby Chan, Hong Kong Comment:
    Rose Wu, Hong Kong Comment:
    Richard Clifford, U.S.A. Comment: All people in the world have the right to express their displeasure of their government! Hu Jia has a right to do such a thing! I urge the CCP to release him and give him back his life!
    rebecca leung, hongkongsar, china Comment:
    Raymond Yam, USA Comment:
    Raymond Lai, Hong Kong Comment:
    Ray Lee, 香港 Comment: 大陸共產黨公然騎刧法院,迫害人民. 立即解放胡隹. 2012香港全民全普選. 杯葛08北京奧運.
    Ray Cheung, Hong Kong Comment: 一個容不下多元思想,奉行盲目控制、統一思想的國家你能夠向世界輸出什麼價值?
    Prof. Chan Kin Man/The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Comment:
    Polly Wong, Hong Kong Comment:
    Philip Hoare, Hong Kong Comment:
    PEN American Center, New York, USA Comment:
    paul tsang, Hong Kong. Comment: Release Hu Jia.
    Paul Lai, HK Comment:
    Patrick Poon, Hong Kong Comment: 胡佳完全是因言入罪被判刑,請中國政府立即釋放胡佳! Patricia Balfour, Canada Comment:
    Odi Cheung, Hong Kong Comment:
    Norma Connolly, Cayman Islands Comment:
    nightingalelin, 澳門 Comment: 堅持就有自由,胡佳加油
    Nicole Chow, Hong Kong Comment:
    Ng Kwan Lam, Hong Kong Comment:
    ng ka chun, Hong Kong Comment: 他關注的是民生,而非政治意識形態,這也有錯?
    Neal, Hong Kong Comment:
    Nancy Lau, Hong Kong, China Comment:
    Mr.L, HK Comment:
    Mike Bizieff, USA Comment: Please release Release Hu Jia before the olymics. We want free press
    Mike Anthony, Switzerland Comment: China will have no chance of being a real world leader until it evolves to respect fundamental principles, such as the freedom of expression. Release Hu Jia!
    michelle Lee, HK Comment:
    Michelle Lau, HK Comment: We demand that the Central Government of China release Hu Jia forthwith.
    Michael Siu, Hong Kong Comment:
    Michael Fisher HKU, Hong Kong Comment: I support the principle of freedom of expression and lament the fact that the PRC has reneged on its pledge that the award of the Olympic Games to Beijing would lead to improved Human Rights in China.
    Mary Lau, Hong Kong Comment:
    Martin Toshing, HK Comment:
    Martin Lam, Hong kong Comment: 要求中共政府改善人權狀況,立即釋放胡佳
    marken, 广州 Comment: 要奥运,更要民主与言论自由
    marache, France Comment: Please release Hu Jia without delay.
    Mak Wan Sheung, hong kong Comment:
    majian, London Comment:
    Mabel Au, hong kong Comment:
    M. Sze, Hong Kong Comment:
    Luis Yu Wai Ying, MACAU Comment:
    Louis Lau, HKSAR Comment:
    Loh Yuen Ching, Hong Kong, SAR Comment:
    Lo Wai Ming, Chris, Hong Kong Comment:
    Lo Ka Pik, HKSAR Comment: Free Hu Jia! Lisa Hui, Hong Kong,
    SAR, China Comment:
    li chun hong, hongkong Comment:
    LI Chak Man, Hong Kong Comment:
    Leung Yan Wing (梁恩榮), China/ Hong Kong Comment: The imprisonment of Hu Jia is a serious issue against human rights, which is very bad for the development of China.
    LEUNG Pak Yuen, Hong Kong Comment:
    LEONG SI KEI, MACAU Comment: 自由不應因此被奪走!!
    Lee Wai Kai, Hong Kong Comment:
    Lee Ka Ho, hong kong Comment: 請遵守公約!
    LEE C M, Hong Kong Comment:
    Law Sam, Canada Comment:
    LAU KP Philomena, Thailand Comment: Release Hu Jia. The world is concerned. The world is watching. As an overseas Chinese, I'm proud of Hu Jia's perseverance.
    LAU KP Philomena, Thailand Comment: Release HU Jia. The world is concerned, the world is watching! As a Chinese, I'm proud of HU Jia's perseverance.
    Lau Ka Yee, Hong Kong Comment:
    Lau Hoi Lung, HKSAR Comment: 為何要打壓良心
    Lau Chun piu, Hong Kong Comment:
    Lam Wing Kit, Hong Kong Comment:
    Lam Sum, hksar Comment: Release Hu Jia now!
    Lam Mee Yee, HKSAR Comment: 請中央儘快釋放胡佳,民主並不只是西方資本主義的產物,民主是文明社會維護人道人權的基本,希望真正的民主快快在中國實現,希望中國人也能呼吸到自由民主的空氣,可以有獨立的思想自由的言論,不需再擔驚受怕,不需再畏首畏尾,如此中國就能真正地邁向文明和進步。
    laiwaiyee, hongkong Comment:
    Lai Shui Ying, Hong Kong Comment:
    Lai Sheung Ping, Hong Kong Comment:
    Kwong yuk heung, hong kong Comment:
    Kwan Wong, CPA, United States/New York Comment:
    kwan Che Ying, Hong Kong Comment:
    kwai chung christian fundation, unversial Comment: fuck to china goverment forever …
    Kusche Cheng, Hong Kong Comment:
    Kristine Pang, Hong Kong Comment:
    Kitty Ng, Hong Kong Comment:
    Kit Chan, HKSAR Comment:
    kinming, hongkong Comment: WuJia is innocent;
    Kevin Lam, Hong Kong Comment: Free & Release Hu Jia
    Kevin, HK Comment: 強烈要求中國政府立即釋放胡佳
    Katherine Chan, 香港 Comment: 反對惡法、反對濫權。掩蓋不公義、打壓弱勢,並不能締造真文明、真和諧,中國及香港的當權者,請唔好再咁無聊!
    karachi union of journalist, Pakistan Comment:
    Julia Hoffmann, Netherlands Comment:
    Joseph Li, Hong Kong Comment:
    Joseph Hung, HK Comment:
    Joseph Choi, Hong Kong Comment: Release Hu Jia immediately
    Jonathan Evans, Hong Kong Comment:
    Johnson Yu, Canada Comment:
    Johnson Yu, Canada Comment:
    John Chung, Hong Kong Comment:
    John AuYeung, Hong Kong Comment:
    joe chan, hong kong Comment: 十三億中國人有多少個會質 疑目前仍然統治中國的共產政權呢?
    Ji Ruan, Liverpool, UK Comment: Hu jia is a good man and he is for a better China. I despise the behaviors of harming the freedom of speech. Bringing him into jail with ridiculous reasons is showing the weakness of the current regime. Release Hu jia immediately, and give his family appropriate compensation.
    Ji Menshu, USA Comment:
    Jane So, USA Comment:
    jan c aschan, Belgium Comment:
    Jacqui Condron, UK Comment: I demand the immediate release of Hujia and all people like him under dentention in China. Jacqueline Condron
    Jackie Sam, Hong Kong Comment:
    JACKIE HUNG, HK Comment: 釋放胡佳和所有不同意見人士.一個真正尊重人權,能聆聽和包容不同意見人士的政府,才真正值得人為之驕傲.
    J. Clancey, Hong Kong Comment:
    Ivy Chan, HongKong Comment:
    Ivan Chan, Hong Kong Comment:
    Ip Pou Kuan, Hong Kong Comment: 只有民主,人民的生活才會有保障只有言論自由,才可控制政府的霸權請釋放胡佳
    IP Kim Ching, Hong Kong Comment:
    International PEN, UK Comment:
    IFJ Asia-Pacific, Australia Comment:
    Iceberg Ho, Hong Kong Comment: 為中國的言論自由默哀...
    Hsiao, Australia Comment: 立即釋放維權分子胡佳
    Hong Kong Journalists Association, Hong Kong Comment: Released Hu Jia
    Hong Kong Christian Institute, Hong Kong Comment:
    Hong Kong (English-speaking) PEN, Hong Kong SAR Comment:
    Ho Chun Kit, Hong Kong Comment:
    ho chit chung, hong kong Comment: (甩)支那
    Henry Huang, UK Comment: Release Hu Jia!
    Helen Mok, Hong Kong Comment:
    Hazel Man, Hong Kong Comment:
    Harry, Canada Comment: He is a hero.
    Hao Qiu, USA Comment:
    Greg Liu, France Comment: 胡佳应该立即释放。他身体无法接受监狱的条件。如果胡佳没有人权保障,因言获罪,中国哪里有什么法治?宪法不是有言论自由吗?温家宝不是说依法执法吗?不会都是骗子吧?
    Gang He, MD, PhD, USA Comment: 強烈要求中國政府立即釋放胡佳!
    Fung Wood Wood, Hong Kong Comment:
    francis chan, hong kong Comment:
    Foo Kin Way Sophia, Hong Kong Comment:
    Flaire, france Comment:
    Fiona Law, Hong Kong, China Comment:
    Fernando Cheung, Hong Kong Comment:
    Fermi Wong, Hong Kong Comment: 展現文明進步的一面, 立即釋放胡佳先生!
    Fanny Lee, Hong Kong Comment:
    辛中华, 中国 Comment: 中华人民共和国系违反人伦、侵犯人权的非法政府。审判和监禁胡佳是荒唐的罪行。向香港关心内地民主事业的人士致敬!天灭中共!
    龍緯汶, 香港 Comment: 支持胡佳!
    黄 峰, 法 国 Comment: 坚 决 支 持
    黃仁逵, hongkong Comment:
    黃世澤, 香港Comment:
    黃國輝, Hong Kong Comment:
    黃健泰, Taipei / Taiwan Comment: 〝We demand that the Central Government of China release Hu Jia forthwith〞
    黃靜, 香港 Comment:
    黃華輝, 香港 Comment:
    黃碩紅, Hong Kong Comment:
    麻絲, HK Comment: .
    麥肖玲, Hong Kong Comment:
    趙善榮, Hong Kong Comment:
    赵达功, 深圳 Comment:
    赵雅楠, 中国河北唐山 Comment: 支持释放
    鲁德成, 加拿大 Comment:
    譚偉峰, H.K. Comment:
    譚聲雷, HKSAR Comment:
    譚秀貞, 香港 Comment: 請中國政府善待真正愛國者胡佳, 並遵守中國憲法, 讓胡佳和全體中國人民享有憲法賦予的公民權利. 一名香港的愛國者心聲.
    马晓明, 中国西安Comment: 声援胡佳!敬仰胡佳!要求立即无条件释放胡佳!要求尊重和保障公民的基本权利!
    馮愛玲, 中國香港 Comment:
    馮幸銓, 香港 Comment:
    馮天弘, 香港Comment: 反對以言論入罪中共請履行申奧承諾改善人權
    被拆迁群体, 天津Comment: 胡佳表达了我们的心声,代我们受难.
    韓文光, Canada Comment: 以言入罪,違反中國藼法,保障公民享有言論自由,深感憤慨。
    韓連山, 香港 Comment: 同一天空、同一夢想。言論自由、民主人權法治。祖國的人民,我們支持你們繼續爭取真正的同一世界!
    雷跃辉, 中国江西 Comment: 以胡佳先生发表的5篇文章为制罪证据,这是中共典型的以言制罪的又一桩枉顾自颁的宪法保障公民言论自由的丑恶行径,必将得到正义的清算。
    雨希, hk Comment:
    陶君行, 香港Comment:
    陳朝政, Taipei, Taiwan Comment: Release Hu Jia.
    陳朗昇, Hong Kong Comment: 頭可斷 血可流 人民自由不可棄!!
    陳慧玲, Hong Kong Comment:
    陳志偉, 中國香港 Comment: 中華人民共和國以「人民共和國」為名,人民才是國家的主人,所以人民有權利為民族、為國家、為社會、為政府的所有事情提出批評和改善意見。憲法亦賦予國民有方言論自由,所以胡佳理應無罪,當立刻釋放。
    陳彥楷, 香港Comment:
    陳啟遠,東區區議員, 香港Comment:
    陳賢良, Hong Kong Comment: China government has proved their darkness to the entire world. Its Judiciary system is greatly affected and no justified view is accepted. It even rejected family or lawyer to visit Wu Jia. It makes Hong Kong lose faith in our motherland
    陳詠娟, 香港Comment:
    陳釗香港民促會, 香港Comment: 要人權,不要奧運!
    陈爱林, 河南郑州Comment: 我是快七十岁的人了,一辈子吃多少苦都忍过来了.但今天看到象胡佳.高志晟这样的好孩子遭罪實在让人心疼的受不了.祖国母亲,你到底怎么了?为什么总是伤害自己最优优秀的儿女呢?
    阮文煊, 香港Comment:
    關小春, 香港Comment:
    蕭掁儀, 香港Comment:
    蔡思穎, 香港Comment:
    蔡詠梅/開放雜志, 香港Comment: 胡佳被中國當局以言入罪是中國之恥。要求中國政府放人。
    钟剑群, 中国大陆Comment: 支持!
    葉德亮, 香港Comment:
    鍾寶強, 香港 Comment: 說真話、報道真相,隨時可以被判有罪。顛覆國家不單是一個大罪,而且對無辜的人是很大的侮辱。愛國隨時給人扭曲成叛國,這是多麼可怕啊!以言入罪,這是多麼令人愛國的人痛心!
    錢耀恒, Canada/Vancouver Comment:
    茉莉, 瑞典 Comment: 支持胡佳! 谢谢你们组织这次签名运动!
    范士贵, 北京 Comment: 向一切为了正义和人权而努力的人致敬,愿正义如滔滔江水流淌在中国,愿上帝拯救中国!
    金虹, 香港Comment: 中華人民共和國憲法裡寫着人民有言論自由,胡佳卻因言獲罪,請尊重憲法。
    鄭依依/明報, 香港Comment: 以法政手段叫以言論為職志職責職權的新聞工作者噤聲,怎能建立一國的公信?
    鄭宇碩 Joseph Y.S. Cheng, Hong Kong Comment:
    鄭健業, 香港 Comment:
    鄭艾倫, 香港Comment:
    郭庆海, 河北省泊头市Comment: 我痛恨中共当局这种侵犯公民言论自由的行为!
    郭嘉暉, 香港Comment: 引用魯迅的一句話: <...不在沉默中爆發,就在沉默中滅亡...>
    郭衛東, 中國浙江Comment: 和異議人士和諧相處,多謝寬容和對話,少些暴力,這才是和諧社會,胡佳不是本拉登,不是恐怖分子,用鐵鏈對待這個善良有正義感的國人,令人心寒。 強烈呼籲政府,解除“顛覆國家政權”這項罪名,釋放在押異議人士和政治犯。
    郭, 沈阳Comment: 我鬼鬼祟祟的越过了伟大的墙,看到了种种的不公不义被揭露,却不敢象胡佳那样直面强权的黑暗面,感到的是羞愧和敬佩,我也为香港的同胞能为我们身在内地的人声张公理而感激,我认同我们幅员辽阔人口民族众多的祖国能有“一个”强而有力的统治,但却也期盼着它能以公平公正普世价值作为治理的准则. 最后希望这次的呼吁能够成功,
    胡佳正仆街, 新加坡Comment: 胡佳正仆街, 中國因你而恥, 你不得好死
    胡浩堂, 中國香港Comment: 胡佳是愛國者,他說出了大部份人不敢說的真相,觸怒了當權者,失去了自由。中國政府,如果你真的要成為世界大國,就請你學懂尊重及包容異見聲音,不要再用這野蠻的手段來對付你的國民。
    胡平, united states。美国,纽约。Comment:
    胡凡 学生, 湖北武汉Comment: 政府不该对真正爱国的人这样。愿上帝祝福中国。
    胡麗雲, hong kong Comment:
    邹光旭, 中国山东Comment:
    邵江, UK Comment:
    邱宜君/台灣大學物理治療學系, 台灣/台北Comment:
    邱祖淇, Hong Kong Comment: 強烈要求中國政府立即釋放維權分子胡佳。
    Ewald Scharfenberg/ Ipys Venezuela, Venezuela/ South America Comment:
    Eve Cheng, HK Comment:
    Eric Tsang, HKSAR Comment:
    Eric Ma, HongKong Comment:
    ElizabethTang/Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions, Hong Kong Comment:
    Edward Chen, Australia Comment: 释放胡佳,,公民享有的言論自由
    Eddi Chau, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Comment:
    Dr. Tam Chi-keung, HK &Macau Comment:
    Dr. Stephen Ng, UK Comment:
    Dr Chan Ka Lok / Civic Party, Hong Kong Comment:
    Donna Tse, Canada Comment: freedom of expression!
    dillon sawyer, usa Comment:
    Dianne, USA Comment: 中国政府立即释放胡佳,不要继续犯罪。
    Dawn Kong, HK Comment: 立即釋放維權人士胡佳!!!!!!!
    Davidson Cheng, China Comment:
    David Hui, HKSAR Comment:
    Daniel Choi, HK Comment:
    翔思, 法国Comment:
    翔, HK
    Comment: 羅淑玲, 香港Comment: 言論自由萬歲!
    石巍, 美国Comment: 这个判决是二十一世纪人类的耻辱。在当今世界,仅仅以五篇文章即陷人于罪,恐怕连最寡廉鲜耻的希特勒也难做的出。希特勒要镇压反对者,还要找个荷兰人马·卢贝潜入国会放一把火,然后嫁祸于人。他还没有明目张胆地以反对者的演讲和文章作为报复的理由。现在共产党已经完全撕去最后的伪装,赤裸裸地露出残暴统治的狰狞面目。它的这一罪恶判决,不是针对胡佳个人,也不是针对中国的维权人士,更不是针对中国的反对力量,它是对全人类的挑衅,是对现代文明的宣战。在奥运前夕如此胆大妄为,也是对一切民主国家的蔑视。建议将联署书送交联合国秘书处,世界各国元首,政府总理和议会,向他们指出,在这样嚣张的挑衅面前保持沉默,是有损人类良知的。
    盧敬華, hong kong Comment:
    盧善姿, 香港Comment:
    盧興翹, 香港Comment: 把願意對在苦難中的同胞施援手的人入罪,這樣的律法讓人何等失望!何等痛心!
    田喜/学生, 中国北京Comment: 好人无罪!
    王興中, 台灣/台北Comment:
    王翠怡, 香港Comment:
    王犀利, HK Comment:
    cow, HK Comment: 打倒中共政府
    Cliff Bale, Hong Kong Comment:
    CJFE, Canada Comment: We call on the Chinese government to respect the right to free expression of all its citizens and to release Hu Jia immediately and unconditionally.
    Cindy Chan, USA Comment:
    Cindy, Taiwan Comment: Release Hu Jia!!!!!
    Christopher Pun, Hong Kong, China Comment:
    Christine Yu, Hong Kong Comment:
    Chris Fung, Hong Kong Comment:
    Chow Man Chung, Hong Kong Comment:
    Chow Ka Lok, Hong Kong Comment: 中華人民共和國憲法第三十五條 公民有言論、出版、集會、結社、遊行、示威的自由第三十七條 禁止非法拘禁和以其他方法非法剝奪或者限制公民的人身自由第三十八條 禁止用任何方法對公民進行侮辱、誹謗和誣告陷害
    Chong Yiu Kwong, HK Comment:
    Choi Suk Fong, Hong Kong Comment: 無法無天,何罪之有! 請中國政府不要壓抑言論自由, 維護基本人權, 盡快釋放胡佳。
    Choi Kam-chuen, HKSAR Comment:
    Chinese Democracy Education Foundation, California, USA Comment: Release Hujia. Protect freedom of speech.
    Chi Kwan Ho, Hong Kong Comment: 胡佳因發表文章及接受媒體採訪而被裁定煽動顛覆國家政權罪名成立的裁決是以言入罪的典型惡例,既違反中國憲法保障公民享有的言論自由,更逾越國際標準訂明任何人均享有言論自由的基本權利及標準。強烈要求中國政府立即釋放胡佳。
    Cheung Lai Ha, Hong Kong Comment:
    cheung chi tong, hk Comment:
    Cheung Chi Keung, Hong Kong Comment: Let's show our support to freedom of expression and the social justice.
    Cheng Suk Man, Hong Kong Comment: He should be released !!!
    Chau Tak Wai, HK/USA Comment:
    Charles Mok, hong kong Comment:
    chan yuk fan, hk Comment:
    Chan Yue Fai, Hong Kong Comment:
    Chan Yau Hei, Hong Kong Comment:
    chan wai sang, HK SHA TIN Comment: FUCK CHINA GOVERNMENT!!!!!
    Chan Wai Fong, hong kong Comment:
    Chan Wai Fong, hong kong Comment:
    chan w y, canada Comment: freedom of press is a very basic human right
    Chan Sze Chi, Hong Kong Comment:
    Chan hoi yan, hong kong Comment:
    Chan Hin Hin, Hong Kong Comment:
    Chan Bo Shun, Hong Kong Comment:
    cecilie, China Comment: Freedom of speech is written into Chinese law. When will it be implemented?
    Cathy Cheung, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Comment:
    Cartoonists Rights Network, USA Comment: Cartoonists all over the wrold are watching China's humanitarian behavior and drawing conclusions all the time.
    Carrie Law, Hong Kong Comment: 中國必須正視自己的問題,並且想辦法去解決,而不是把陰暗面掩蓋,掩耳盜鈴。問題不是由報道的人製造出來,他們僅反映事實情況,希望引起關注,不應以言入罪。請儘快釋放胡佳
    Bruce Van Voorhis, Hong Kong Comment: Do the rights contained in the Chinese Constitution have any meaning, or are they just words on paper?
    Bourdin, France Comment:
    Bessie Du, beijing, china Comment:
    Bernard King, Canada Comment: Human right and environment are more important than the Olympic game.
    Benjamin Tsui, Hong Kong Comment:
    Becky So, HK Comment:
    Baroness D'Souza CMG, UK Comment:
    Bahrain Center for Human Rights, Bahrain Comment:
    Au Yiu Kai, China Comment:
    Arthur, Hong Kong Comment: 胡佳所做的一切均是為了中國人自己.
    Antia Chan, Australia Comment:
    ANSON SUEN, HK Comment: 共產黨由建黨至今完全沒進步過, 難怪畀人家說是惡棍暴徒, 估不到21世紀共產黨仲玩以言入罪既把戲, 真令人惡心!!
    Annie Choi, Hong Kong Comment: HU Jia is a hero.
    Anne J. Sartiel, Israel Comment:
    Anna Yu, 東區 Comment: 請釋放胡佳
    Anna Cheung, NY, USA Comment:
    Ann Lau/Visual Artists Guild, USA Comment:
    andy man, HK Comment: 立即釋放維權人士胡佳~~~~
    Amy Reger, U.S.A. Comment:
    Amy Chak, HK SAR Comment:
    Aharon Eviatar/Amnesty, Israel Comment: The actions of the PRC government are disgraceful. The weakness of the world community is a shame. Release Hu Jia now and start to live up to your human rights committments.
    Ada So, Canada Comment: don't just lip-sing the song of freedom. I yearn to hear your true voice singing, china!
    ACAC, 香港 Comment: 馬上釋放胡佳﹗﹗﹗ (博讯记者:蔡楚) (博讯 boxun.com)

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  • 曾金燕:律师被阻止会见胡佳 做“投牢体检”?
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